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6wks and bleeding

Posted by Haisla Thursday, 18 February 2016

We had our 6 week ultrasound yesterday at the EPU and saw this:

Two teeny tiny embryos with beating hearts.

Such an incredible moment.

Then last night when I went to the loo I noticed I had started bleeding. Properly. No more brown spotting, this was proper red bleed. No clots, but then again I'm on blood thinners so perhaps unable to form clots.

Cue a sleepless night.

I'm wondering whether all the prodding with the ultrasound wand could have caused this..? The ultrasound technician could not see any cause for the spotting that had restarted on Monday.

My uterus feels angry. Not crampy as such (not like during my period) but just irritated. And the trickling continues.

I'll need to ring up the EPU first thing this morning again. Just as they had sent us off saying that they hoped not to see us until our 12wk scan..

I'm also wondering whether I should start inserting the progesterone pessaries up the back passage, just to minimise any kind of further irritation..

Why can't things just go smoothly for once?

And I've got a big meeting (well three big meetings) at work today that I cannot miss. It's gonna be a busy day. Maybe that's for the best. It'll hopefully keep my mind off worrisome things.


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