Tumbling Through the Rabbit Hole...
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Haisla - I am a 35-year old Scandi-girl, who moved to the UK some 15 years ago. This will explain all the typos, weird hotchpotch mixed-metaphors and other linguistic oddities that can be found on this blog (M. frequently giggles - in a very manly way, of course - at my strange use of the English language). Bear with me, I still have my stabilisers on when it comes to speaking British.

(As an aside, I also love using brackets - don't ask me why. It's just a bad habit I can't seem to break).

I work for a homeless charity, dream of owning a dog (as well as a house - imagine that!), and possibly moving back to my home country with our little family one day.

M. - on the other hand is a genetic hotchpotch, a love-child of the hippy generation: half-British, half-French (with quarter-Corsican and quarter-Russian, I am told, somehow mixed in). He is 41-years of age and works for the emergency services. In heart, though, he is a complete computer geek and should dedicate his life to rewiring the Internets. He is my go-to man with all things electronic or computer based and I love him madly.

We met on the Internet in 2006, when it was still considered slightly odd and suspect. For the first 6 dates at least, I would always take my handbag with me to the toilet, just in case he turned out to be an axe-murderer. We used to joke about it, but I think underneath I was at least half-serious.

Thankfully even after 8 years of togetherness, no axe has been found.

So, turns out that we were actually trailblazers of the whole cyber-dating thingy and now everyone and their dog has decided to follow suit. At least three of our friends have since met their matches online and at least four children have been born thanks to cyber-love. Surely we should now make our millions by appearing on those corny Eharmony adverts looking all smug and blissed out. Just don't mention the infertility part, eh.

When it comes to belief systems, I am a kind-of a Christian, he is agnostic-leaning-into-atheism, and yet somehow we manage to make it all work. Just goes to shows that love can smooth all sorts of creases. He is my rock, my best friend, my loverman and so much more. I am so lucky to have found him and to have him by my side on this journey in Endoland.