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I found all the infertility jargon a bit mind-boggling in the very beginning, so in the interest of new readers / people unfamiliar with the land of infertility, here is my interpretation of the various terms and lingo thrown about. This will be by no means an exhaustive list (nor alphabetical - I am just not that organised) but will hopefully cover the most oft used items. I am also happy to stand corrected should I have gotten something totally wrong and am planning on adding more words as I come across them along the way:

IF = Infertility / infertile

TTC = trying to conceive

OPK = Ovulation Prediction Kit

BBT = Basal body temperature

BD = Baby dance (why?!) aka sex

TTW = Two week wait (as in the two weeks that follows ovulation and hopeful conception, before the start of a period / a positive pregnancy test)

POAS = peeing on a stick (a pregnancy test that requires, yes, peeing on a stick)

BFP = Big Fat Positive (as in a positive pregnancy test)

BFN = Big Fat Negative (as in the opposite of the above)

BCP = Birth control pills

AF = Aunt Flo (don't ask me why) - a menstrual period

IUI = Intra Uterine Insemination (please google this if you need more info, I really can't put this succinctly)

IVF = In Vitro Fertilisation (a number of eggs are produced in the ovaries and then harvested, sperm meets eggs in a petri dish, hopefully grow into a beautiful blastocysts and is / are transferred back into the uterus, where it / they should implant and grow into (a) tiny baba(s)), please google if you need more info than that, I really can't put it in anymore scientific terms..

FET = Frozen embryo transfer (a bit like IVF but without having to harvest the eggs again - i.e. normally using frozen embryos from previous IVF cycle)

Clomid = Clomifene citrate, an ovulation stimulant, used e.g. in IUI protocols to grow eggs

hCG = Human chorionic gonadotropin (a hormone used to induce ovulation, but also the hormone produced by a fertilised egg after conception that can cause early pregnancy symptoms)

RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist (a fertility doctor)