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How to induce your period..

Posted by Haisla Tuesday, 29 April 2014

..is by blogging about how AF hasn't arrived yet and it's CD28 already, and yadda-yadda-yadda..

As soon as I'd hit publish on my previous post, I went to toilet, wiped and got blood-tinged discharge.

Bloody typical.

Although, at the same time, quite unusual. It seems like AF might be arriving without the usual compulsory spot-fest.

And I'm still not in pain really, so hurrah! Perhaps the large quantities of evening primrose oil that I've been ingesting have been doing something to my system.

In work related news, I managed to get quite a bit done today, perhaps partly thanks to the blood-tinged discharge. It very quickly wiped away any reveries of babies and pregnancy.

On with Clomid then, either today or tomorrow, depending on how things develop tonight.

In other good news, I finished the job application yesterday and sent it in. Fingers crossed.

Am really hoping that I'll at least get an interview. But we shall see, am trying not to pin my hopes on that job too much. Been there too many times, pinning my hopes on all sorts of things (like supposed pregnancies) and then getting said hopes squashed.

Off to do some bloggy reading now. Have found a few new blogs through Stirrup Queens Lost and Found and Connections Abound pages that I'll try to catch up on. I love finding new blogs! I think I may be mildly obsessed..


TwoPlusOne said...

AF always manages to trip me off too! For example, I always spot too, but this cycle, I got it 'slightly' late on CD29 just as we arrived at our holiday destination, and without any spotting too..grr... Anyway, good luck on your job application. I am sure you will figure out a way to manage the move to the new job if you get it - don't let the TTC get in the way of life (although I should learn to practice what I preach first :D)

Haisla said...

Thanks! I completely agree about not letting TTC get in the way of life. I certainly have done enough of that in the past. Time to make some healthy decisions regardless, I reckon. : )

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