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What Have I Been Up To?

Posted by Haisla Monday, 21 April 2014

When it comes to TTC, the answer is sadly, not much.

I think I ovulated on Tuesday (or Wednesday) and we managed to BD once(!) on Tuesday evening (I know, once; this is how lethargic we've got in the traditional baby making department). To be fair we were both working till late on most nights last week and to be honest mid-week BD sessions are these days a bit of a chore. I'm much more likely to be in the mood come the weekend, but unfortunately my cycles are so bloody (heh) regular, that ovulation always hits on the Tues, Weds mark. This time we didn't even get a chance to BD the weekend before, so I have very low hopes for this cycle.

I am still to speak to Nurse Nelly, as the past week has been incredibly busy at work, and due to the clinic's opening hours these phone calls always have to be conducted at work. The only place with any kind of mobile telephone reception at work is right by the front door or outside, neither of which are greatly conducive for privacy. Therefore, I normally try to sneak in before anyone else in the morning and make these telephone calls in the empty reception area (I work in a really small day centre, with only three paid staff, so this is normally fairly easily accomplished, the exception being last week) right by the front door.

So this coming week my challenge is to get Nurse Nelly on the phone (this entails leaving numerous messages on her answer phone and starting to sound like an ever increasingly desperate lunatic in the process) to discuss my Clomid concerns with her.

However, my counterbalancing concern is that Nelly may want to cancel this coming IUI cycle, too, and our treatment plan will get delayed further. I am just so sick of waiting. But having read some threads on this topic, it seems that it's a good idea to talk to the nurse. Perhaps they'll put me on Femara instead or something. We shall see.

In other news, I bought myself a bicycle this weekend!!!

My trusty steed (and yes, that is our garden gnome, living in the corridor until we get a garden flat some day).

I'm so in love.

For a while now I've been sick of sitting on the bus in the rush hour traffic every morning and nearly missing my train. The journey from home to the train station, that in normal (non-rush hour) circumstances should take approx. 10-15 minutes has started taking closer to 30. Now, in my book that is just not on. And as much as I fear getting into the traffic on my little bike (and the stereotype of people driving like maniacs in London - and outskirts - is sadly true), I am also excited to be a bit more independent of the TfL (Transport for London, for the non-Londoners). Again, I much love and am grateful for TfL, apart from the indecent prices; it's more the traffic jams that I detest.

So we took our bikes on a bit of a spin this weekend. We cycled all the way to Twickenham and back, had fish and chips by the river and the following day we cycled from home to the nearest train station, just so that I could get a sense of the route. It seemed safe enough and for relatively large stretches I can either ride on the pavement (shared use) or on a cycle lane.

Here's to hoping that this will increase my activity levels somewhat, since I've been ever so lazy in the exercise department of late. Even yoga has seemed like too much hard work, and my trusty Yolanda Pettinato's Simple Yoga DVD has been gathering dust on the bookcase. At least cycling in the fresh air and springtime sunshine was a fun way to exercise, and something I hope we can keep up as a hobby. I love the idea of mini-daytime adventures with a picnic on weekends and Hubby seems excited about this prospect, too.

And so for once, I made a decision to purchase something without thinking, "oh, what if I get pregnant". Because quite frankly, I can't see that being on the cards very soon (yes, I know, ever the pessimist - or a cautious realist, as I prefer). And even if I did get pregnant  soon, I'm aware that ladies do cycle even whilst pregnant, providing that they have no complications (in fact I have one friend who cycled all the way through her pregnancy in Central London). I just reckoned that I needed to live a little and this was the perfect purchase for that.

So, apart from not being pregnant, life is good at the moment. I'm just waiting to board the full-on TTC train again and for the madness to continue. Watch this space.


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