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Disregarding 'symptoms'

Posted by Haisla Sunday, 15 June 2014

This month I have decided to disregard any 'symptoms'.

I am also telling lady hope to stay well away from me unless she's got something concrete to bring with her, like a missed period and two pink lines on a HPT.

Otherwise, hope, I'm just not that interested, do you hear me?!

And that strategy seems to be actually kind of working, although it is getting increasingly difficult to follow as the days go by.

Somehow my pregnancy-watch-fever seems to grow exponentially in direct correlation to how close to the next period I get.

This is not helped by the fact, that my PMS symptoms are identical to possible pregnancy symptoms:

Feeling hot all the time? Tick. Needing to wee every freaking five minutes? Tick. Feeling mildly nauseous? Tick. Feeling tireder? (I promise you, that is a word - in my dictionary when I am king) Tick. Supercharged olfactory system? Tick. Sore boobs? Sure, tick. Emotionally imbalanced? Tick.

So if I ever was to get pregnant, I really wouldn't know until I'd gotten some proper proof, because these spoof symptoms just dangle the carrot of a 'potential pregnancy' tantalisingly close, only to snatch it away at last minute.

I'm really not impressed with my body at the moment.

I just want to get the blood fest started (and I know it's going to be gory - it is another 1-month-after-IUI  AF after all), so that I can get on with life. PMS is not fun, I'm tired of being hot, tired, cranky, weepy, bloated and crampy. Two more days until AF should show, and I solemnly swear no underpant-checking marathon this time.

And I've got this sneaking feeling that I've written an almost identical post not too long ago. Seriously I'm starting to feel like I'm living some kind of a de-ja-vu life or am having an eternal groundhog month going on or something where things repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseam.. 

If Bill Murray turns up, I'll know I'm in trouble..

P.S. The Common Ostrich (a lovely blogger with an amazingly funny blog - check her out) kindly notified me, that blogger was eating up non-blogger comments. I checked with blogger forum and sure enough it turned out that the word verification system was throwing spanners in the works and making comments disappear. I have now deleted the word verification system in the hopes that it'll make things better. So, my deepest apologies if you've tried to leave comments, only to have them devoured by the internets. I had no idea. I promise that the problem has now been rectified and that I will love and cherish all comments left and will try to reply to them, too.


Anonymous said...

Those symptoms can be annoyingly similar can't they...

Haisla said...

Yes they can! I wish PMS would be something completely different like, I don't know, two weeks of solidly elated mood and reduction in body fat (or something) to make it abundantly clear that, no, you are not pregnant indeed. : )

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