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I haven't been feeling too great..

Posted by Haisla Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Having gotten over my little needle rant of last week, I actually had quite a successful IUI on Friday.

One Weds I had two x 18mm follicles on the left side 1 x 18mm on right and a couple of smaller ones floating about.

My uterine lining was at 12mm on Weds (I think that's good and hopefully not ridiculously thick?) and apparently my cervical mucus on Friday looked 'great' (thanks Nurse Nelly, I think).

So, it just seemed like the stars were finally aligning for us. I got a bit of cramping and spotting from the procedure but all in all things were looking good. I even had the progesterone suppositories sitting on my bedside cabinet patiently waiting for Saturday evening.

And then Saturday morning came. I had some gluten-free toast for breakfast and ever so gradually all hell broke lose in my stomach. I have not had such abdominal pains since my worst IBS years. I was convinced that I'd eaten something glutenous or forbidden, but couldn't find any reason for this from my dietary choices. It had been a particularly stressful week at work with a number of aggressive incidents with clients, so I wondered whether my bowel was finally reacting to the stress..

My belly literally ballooned, but the pain was high up, like what felt like literally in my intestine. I was in agony most of the day. I felt shivery and weird and had mild temperature. Walking hurt, so I shuffled around doubled up.

I felt ridiculous. I'd had five follicles, there was no way that I could have been suffering from OHSS. And yet, what was this? A well timed stomach bug of some sort? Stress? My endo flaring up due to all the hormones that I'd pumped into my body?

My plan was to go to the walk-in clinic the following morning if things had not calmed down.

In the morning I had a bowel movement (sorry for TMI!!!) and afterwards I felt right as rain again. So I decided to wait it out. The symptoms returned but in milder form once I had eaten again.

I spent the day shuffling around again, sitting around and feeling sorry for myself (and watching things like Say Yes to the Dress) and am happy to report that by Monday (which thankfully was a Bank Holiday, i.e. non-work day - yay!) I was feeling much better and no longer had to walk around doubled up. I still had some level of pelvic discomfort (which has continued to this day) but nowhere near as bad as Saturday and Sunday.

I'm kind of kicking myself now that I didn't take myself to the walking clinic to get this checked out. Because now I'm just left with questions. I guess I was worried that they'd laugh me out of there and give me a diagnosis of 'strong wind' or something. So now I'll never know what's brought this on. Is this just the way I respond to having more than one or two eggs produced? If that's the case what's gonna happen during an IVF cycle when we're meant to maximise the egg count. Will I explode?!

I just feel like my pelvis is continually inflamed now and I can't see that being a great environment for an embryo to try to build their nest in.. Also I feel like I need to wee constantly (and this started before the progesterone). I think the closest to these sensations was the lap I had last year and this time no-one's been rummaging in my innards.

Is this normal after an injectable IUI cycle? I know some of you ladies have been diagnosed with mild OHSS so I would gladly compare notes.

Anyway, for now I am just dutifully shoving progesterone up my hoo-haa every night and hoping and praying for the best for this cycle.


JCH4DCU said...

Sounds like a mild case of OHSS to me, exactly what I had last cycle. It doesn't have to be the results of loads of eggs, just fluid build up after the trigger shot.

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine and I did see my doctor who confirmed there was some fluid in my ovaries. By the time I decided to call, most of my symptoms had faded.

Next time it happens try some gatorade and salty proteins. It actually does help.

Haisla said...

I actually thought of you when I wrote this post, remembering that you'd had that case of mild OHSS a couple of months ago. I just wasn't vomiting or anything, so was a bit confused. Thanks for the gatorade and salty proteins advice, I'll keep that in mind for next time (well, obviously hopefully there won't be a 'next time' : )

I'll also mention it to my nurse and RE in case there's something they can do to prevent it..x

Patient Subfertility said...

Don't psych yourself out about OHSS so fast. Five sacs rupturing at once is going to hurt, and it's going to cause some bloat and nastiness. I mean, that's a lot for your body to take. That said, after my last injectable IUI with six at once, it went away after a couple days. If it hasn't gotten better by now, maybe you should call your doctor.

Hope4babyover40 said...

Sorry I don't have any advice re ohss, but I do feel stress way up in my stomach, so maybe it could be connected... good to hear the IUI went well, fingers crosed for a successful cycle!

Haisla said...

Thanks, I'm back to normal now and reckon that it probably was caused by angry ovaries and stress related IBS combined. Sadly as I didn't visit a doctor in a timely manner (it was a Bank Holiday weekend and I didn't fancy a trip to the A&E) I guess we'll never know for sure.. At least I'll know what to expect should there be a next time.. ; )

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