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Praise where praise is due

Posted by Haisla Tuesday, 19 August 2014

So, having slagged off the NHS in my last post, I suppose I should admit that I actually had really quite a pleasant experience at the clinic today.

Perhaps I have earned enough NHS bonus points from our failed IUI cycles to now be treated with some kindness and courtesy. The thing is, once a cycle is started and I know what's going on, the clinic staff are actually okay.

Anyway, the RE, let's call her Dr Duchess (and no, she doesn't resemble Lewis Carroll's creation in the slightest but I am starting to run out of Alice in Wonderland characters at this stage so bear with me) was very sweet and talkative today.

I asked her about my thin lining during last cycle and she admitted that although Clomid is a friend of the ovaries it ain't no friend to the lining.

I also mentioned my pre-period spotting and ventured to wonder out loud whether there might be something the matter with my progesterone levels. And you know what, Dr Duchess offered to humour me by prescribing me some progesterone. Although apparently there is no scientific evidence to support its use, it won't do any harm either, so she was willing to give it a go. At this point she seems far keener now try whatever it takes to get me pregnant. Result!

The scan showed that I have three good size follicles (can't remember the sizes, but they were all around the 12 - 13mm mark) and my lining is looking plush (again I can't remember the figure - it may have been around 11mm, if that sounds plausible at all?).

And with the added progesterone, you never know, this one might just be a winner. (Check me out being all optimistic!)

So bring on the HCG shot and IUI - I'm ready to be hopeful again.


JCH4DCU said...

Exciting Haisla!
You and I started our cycle on the same day. I'm scheduled to do my IUI on Thursday (things are going a bit fast on my side).

I'm glad she agreed to give you progesterone. It can't hurt and if anything, could help.

Good luck!

Haisla said...

So exciting to have a cycle buddy!! Crossing my fingers and toes for both of us! : ) xx

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