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Do I really want to know?

Posted by Haisla Thursday, 28 May 2015

Finally after a long day of phone tag (which ended up involving M. too who was having a day off whilst I was at work) on Tuesday I managed to speak to a Dr at our clinic.

She told me that I could have another blood draw done, but also that she would be quite happy to wait until my scan on 5th June.

I was tempted, since I have now landed a place of (relative) calm and am dreading another meltdown. However, since we are flying to Finland the day after our first scan (I know, great timing) for a brief summer holiday, we kind of want to know what's going on sooner rather than later in case it does turn out to be an ectopic or that I am miscarrying.

I really don't want to blow my fallopian tube / miscarry on our holiday if I can help it. Thankfully I have just renewed my EHIC card, which means that should anything go wrong I can still get free medical insurance whilst we're in Finland.

Anyway, I got my blood drawn yesterday.

The nurse was lovely and sympathetic. She did ask me why I'd gotten my blood drawn in the first place, which made me feel like a bit of a fool (I guess they truly don't do beta blood tests here as a matter of course..) and I had to sheepishly confess to her that I'd hoped to get some reassurance from the numbers.

She reckoned that my numbers looked quite low for an ectopic in her experience and since I wasn't experiencing any bleeding or one-sided pain she considered that a positive sign.

She said this number should give us a far better picture of which way things are heading and if the numbers are going up the scan on 5th should show us whether whatever is growing in there is in the uterus or elsewhere.

This morning I've started experiencing some mild pains on my right side, but I really can't tell whether the sensations are real or purely psychological (I am such a hypochondriac). Plus with endo I get all sorts of pains all the time, so it's quite hard to distinguish those from others. Obviously if I start feeling like I'm being stabbed I'll make my way to the A&E presto.

But for now we're waiting. The nurse said it could take up to 48h to get the results, but I could try ringing them this afternoon. Yuk. Not sure if I really want to do that. I quite like this new sense of equilibrium.


Jessica Howard said...

Once again, I'm so sorry Haisla. This stinks so much and I know how disappointed you are.
Hang in there and I'm here to offer any support you might find helpful.

Haisla said...

Thanks, luv. I really appreciate it!!x

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