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IUI #2 Is A Go-Go

Posted by Haisla Thursday, 24 April 2014

So, I finally managed to speak to Nurse Nelly today (which was just as well, since I was planning to visit the Clinic today to speak to someone face-to-face) when she, to my shock, actually returned my call(s).

It was very sweet of her, and she is very sweet, when finally available. NHS really has such laid-back attitude to these fertility treatments, that sometimes they seem to be practically horizontal.

I raised my concerns re: Clomid (mainly the weird eye symptoms) and after checking with the Doc she gave me go-ahead for round two. I decided not to bring up the other concerns, as my understanding is, that I will have a consult with the doctor after IUI #2 to discuss the way ahead, so I decided to bring up concerns 2, 3, and 4 then.

Now I just need to wait for AF to start, which should happen on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday latest.

I had a brief moment of panic again, though, when Nelly mentioned that should CD11 (which is the day I last had the IUI done) fall on the Bank Holiday Monday (6th May) this cycle, too, would need to be cancelled ("No pigging way!!!", said I in my head). Fortunately when I checked my diary that scenario looks highly unlikely, unless AF decides to arrive super-early, i.e. tomorrow. That would be CD24 and my cycles have never been that short. So I'm banking on my cycle being the normal length, which for me is between 26  and 27 days. No spotting yet, but that too should start in due course. I am trying really hard to keep my hopes within a minus scale this time, as I'm so sick of being disappointed.

On happier news, I cycled, not quite to work, but to the station for the first time today.

I  had completely overdressed for the weather (I had at least three layers on in true winter-style; I really haven't quite come to believe it's spring yet) and was sweating like a pig. Not a very dignified start to the day. I may need to bring a change of clothes with me to work, so that I can be all fragrant and lovely rather than a crumpled mess, when I finally get there. Overall I was pretty pleased with myself and only had to resort to using the pavement a few times, when the traffic got really menacing. I'm hoping that as I ride more, my confidence levels will grow and I will feel less intimidated by the cars (even though a lot of them drive right by the side of the cycle lane, and sometime even on it!! Grrr! As a non-driver I find it really hard to sympathise with such behaviour. I may change my tune, yet, once I'm behind the wheel myself).

I even got a nice big smile from a fellow ("real") cyclist who was dressed in his cool cycle gear. I'm pretty sure it was a genuine smile, rather than one of pity, even though I do look like a total geek when on the road. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, has encouraged me to look as nerdy as possible whilst cycling, as it apparently frightens the drivers to give you more space, since they'll think you're a hazardous non-pro (which sadly is true in my case). Since Husby works for the emergency services and has quite a lot of experience of witnessing road traffic accidents and the aftermath, I take his words to heart. So I wear my yellow tabard, my ginormous white cycling helmet and a pair of unattractive reflective bands strapped around my ankles. I have decided that if it'll save my life I shall have no pride when riding a bicycle.

I can't believe I used to cycle all through my childhood, and so fearlessly, too. Then again, my home country has far less traffic than the UK and is far more geared up to cyclists. Come on, Mr Johnson, take a leaf out of the Scandinavian's book!

So that's that here in Endoland - learning how to ride again whilst waiting for CD1.


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